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Links to other web sites you might find interesting and/or useful.

External Link!World Wildlife Fund

SmartMoney magazine chose WWF as the top environmental charity in 1997, and again in 1998. Nearly 87 percent of their money actually goes to their environmental programs, which is pretty good.

External Link!The Federal Web Locator

Looking for the United States federal government online? Each government branch, agency, etc. has its own web site, but this list of links makes it easy to find the one you want.

External Link!The Green Guide to Cars and Trucks

This book ranks cars and trucks according to environmental friendliness, including air pollution, global warming, and fuel efficiency. The best and worst vehicles are listed online; for the whole list, you have to buy the book.

External Link!Planned Parenthood

Pro-choice advocacy, yes, but also an excellent source of reproductive health information. Whether you support legal abortion or not, you probably agree that fewer abortions is better. Responsible, informed decisions about sex are the best way to prevent abortions.

External Link!Ain't Nobody's Business If You Do

The entire text of the book by Peter McWilliams. Everyone should read this book (or at least the first chapter). The subject is well summarized in this quote from the New Orleans Times-Picayune's review:

"Imposing criminal sanctions on human conduct which is wholly consensual and does not harm another person or his or her property is a misplaced and counterproductive act . . . we violate the premise upon which America was founded."

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